Short Motivational Stories with Moral

Major Soundarajan, an actor in Tamil Nadu (India), had to play the role of a condemned prisoner in a film.
The actor wanted to make it a real-life portrayal. So he decided to observe a condemned prisoner. He approached Gunasekar, Superintendent of Vellore Central Jail, and asked his permission to observe a condemned prisoner.
The Superintendent agreed. There was a prisoner to be hanged the next day. The Superintendent took the actor to the cell where the prisoner was in solitary confinement.

1. Can you guess what the condemned prisoner was doing?
2. What is the moral of this story?

***Check with our answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. He was happily singing in praise of Lord Murugan (one of the deities in Tamil Nadu).
2. The actor could not believe that a condemned man could sing with pleasure hours before his death. He commented to the Superintendent that this fellow was behaving peculiar. If he were to act in the movie in this way people would throw stones at him.
The Superintendent said, "What you see as peculiar is not so at all. This is how all the condemned prisoners behave"
(i) "Any person who is awarded capital punishment by the court is given a chance to send a mercy petition to the President of India. At times it takes months for the disposal of the mercy petition. In the meantime the condemned prisoner will be terribly tense awaiting the result of his petition. If the mercy petition is accepted, the person's sentence is commuted to life imprisonment. But if the mercy petition is rejected and the date is fixed for hanging and the prisoner informed of it, all his expectation and anxiety are gone. His death is now certain and that takes him to a different state of consciousness In yogic lore this would be called 'samadhi', a state of the mind where there is no desire. This is the state of bliss. The force of circumstances brings the condemned prisoner to this state of mind."
(ii) People are afraid of death and do not wish to face it. Though death is a certainty, no one believes in his heart of hearts that he has to die some day.