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On the bank of a river lived a hermit. Over thirty years he had been doing 'Sadhana' to walk on water. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. He subsisted on on cow's milk, which was supplied by a girl of eleven years, living on the other bank of the river.

One day her mother told her, "There are heavy clouds. There is going to be a downpour and the river will be flooded. Tell the hermit that you won't be able to supply milk to him tomorrow."

The girl did so.

The hermit told the girl, "Don't worry about the flood. I will teach you a 'mantra' and you can walk on water. Close your eyes and repeat 'Krishna, Krishna, Krishna', and you can comfortably walk on water."

As expected the rain came in torrent and the river was in spate. The girl got ready to take milk to the hermit. The mother refused. But the girl persisted and told her that the hermit had given her a 'mantra' to walk on water. Believing her, the mother allowed her to go. The girl went to the river closed her eyes, repeated "Krishna, Krishna, Krishna", and she walked on water. The hermit was looking on in wonder.

The girl returned home, repeating the mantra', walking on water.

The hermit thought to himself, "How wonderful I enabled that girl to walk on water. I have the power. Now let me try for myself."

Confidently he stepped on water and drowned forthwith.

1. What is the implication of this story?

***Check with our answer only after you have tried to come up with your own

1. Faith can move mountains. The young girl had tremendous faith in the mantra given by the hermit, but not the hermit himself. It is implicit faith that can do wonders in this world. All great scientists had this kind of faith that nature had something to reveal and they brought forth unbelievable scientific truths for us to enjoy in the modern world in the form of radio, telephone, television, tape recorder, computer, airplane and what else. All these inventions were born out of implicit faith.