Always Do Smart Work

A hard working young man was engaged to cut trees in a forest.

On the first day he felled seven trees in eight hour The next day he managed to fell only five, though he worked for eight hours. On the third day he could fll only three trees. On the fourth day the number of trees felled came down to one.

Puzzled about his deteriorating performance, he sought the advice of his boss. The boss asked him a simple question.

1. What was the question?
2. Why was the return on his labour diminishing?
3. What is the moral of this story?

***Check with your answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. "Did you sharpen your axe?" The young man answered "No".
2. The blunt axe was giving less return on his labour.
3. WORK SHARPER, NOT HARDER. This is an essential principle of Time Management. To get worthwhile results one should work in an organized manner.

         Work Hard And Smart Quotes

  • "You don't have to work hard to gain a realm; there is a multitude of captives to do it for you." 
  • "I don't put stock in karma or in hard work without the purported "work smart". It's not about how you work hard but rather it's about how you deal with your time, assets, brain to work together for a superior yield." 
  • "I used to work amazingly hard and didn't generally accomplish a ton of substantial things. Yet, when I began working incredibly smart,the entryways of bounteous favors opened up for me." 
  • "To me, it's straightforward: on the off chance that you have the time, use it to prepare. What else would you be able to perhaps need to do that is progressively significant? Indeed, perhaps you'll figure out how to do a couple of things you'll never twist up really expecting to do, yet that is a vastly improved issue to have than expecting to accomplish something and not understanding where to begin." 
  • "There are 86400 seconds in a day and how you utilize these are basic. What you do today is to show what your identity is. No one's going to discuss what you did a week ago. 
  • You have allowed this chance to be alive in your life time. It implies literally nothing in the event that you don't exploit it." 
  • "You will never under any circumstance be effective until you transform your torment into enormity until you partner your torment to push you from where you are, to push you to where you should be." 
  • "A fantasy isn't intended to be envisioned perpetually; rather, it's intended for you to work hard and smart enough until progress awakens you from it."