GOD vs SATAN - Inspirational Moral Stories

A young and famous painter decided to create a truly great portrait, a lively one full of the joy of God, a portrait of a man whose eyes radiated eternal peace. After a long hunt, he came across a shepherd with shining eyes in a remote village. One look was enough to convince him that God was present in this young man. The artist painted his picture and millions of copies were sold.

After some twenty years, the artist decided to paint another portrait, that of Satan. His experience had shown that life is not all goodness and Satan also exists in man. After a long search he met a prisoner in a jail. The man had committed seven murders and was sentenced to be hanged. His face was the ugliest that he could find on earth. It perfectly portrayed devilish demeanour. The artist began to paint this portrait and when he was about to complete it, the artist saw the prisoner sobbing bitterly.

1. Why did the prisoner weep bitterly?
2. What is the implication of this story?

***Check with your answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. The prisoner was the same young man whom the artist had painted as the one radiating eternal peace. A girl from a very affluent family had fallen in love with his looks and demeanour and married him. The sudden wealth had led him into all kinds of vices. He squandered his inheritance and took to crime.
2. Beautify your life with inner glow than with outer show. This kind of story put in category of short stories with good morals.
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Leads YouPushes You 
 Reassures YouFrightens You
Enlightens YouConfused You
Encourages YouDiscourages You
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