Patience is a Virtue

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Dr. Thomas Cooper edited a learned dictionary adding 33,000 words, and imparting many other improvements. He had already spent eight years in collecting material for his edition. His wife was a woman of little understanding.

One day she went into his library and burnt every note he had prepared due to fear that he would kill himself with study.

The doctor shortly after coming in and seeing the destruction, inquired who had done it. His wife boldly answered that she had. The patient man heaved a deep sigh and said, "Oh Dinah, Dinah, thou hast given me a world of trouble!"

1. What did he do then?
2. What is the implication of this story?

***Check with our answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. Then he quietly sat down to another night years of hard labour, to replace the notes which she had destroyed.
2. The astounding patience shown by Dr Thomas Cooper becomes possible if the heart is without rancour and the character is strong. So it's called that Patience is a Virtue. This is the best real life inspirational stories.

         Patience Quotes

  • "Indeed, even a cheerful life can't be without a proportion of haziness, and the word glad would lose its significance on the off chance that it were not adjusted by pity. It is far superior accept out of this world alongside tolerance and poise."
  • "Not exclusively will this make you treat every second more vitally, however you will be progressively patient with yourself and with others, perceiving that there are a huge number of minutes on the way to any advantageous accomplishment."
  • "There is something acceptable in all appearing disappointments. You are not to see that now. Time will uncover it. Show restraint."
  • "I accept that a believing mentality and a patient demeanor go connected at the hip. When you let proceed to figure out how to confide in God, it discharges euphoria in your life. Furthermore, when you confide in God, you're ready to be progressively patient. Persistence isn't just about sitting tight for something... it's about how you pause, or your demeanor while pausing."