Unconditional Mothers Love - Happy Mother's Day

A young mother takes her six-year old child on an outing to the zoo. In the beginning, all is light-hearted joy as they walk hand in hand in the delightful evening sunlight. Then the little boy, suddenly slipping away from her, gets lost in the crowd. After half an hour of agonizing search, she finds him not fallen into the cage of a lion as she dreaded, but ecstatically watching the sea-lions: Her earlier feeling of relief turns to one of anger and she slaps him. His bliss is at once transformed into furious resentment; he bursts into tears.

Repentant, she buys the child an ice-cream cone and his resentment magically changes into pleasure. Once more they love each other. But then he wants another cone. She refuses, it would spoil his supper. He gets into fits of rage. Once more they are angry. After half a dozen or so such incidents and worn out by their extreme feelings of love and anger, they take the bus home. He is sleepy and his head truthfully rests on her shoulder. All..... again.

1. Fill in the blank.
2. What is the implication of this story?

***Check with our answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. Love.
2. This is an example of how a person can be angry without being in anger. Though the mother showed her anger and even slapped her son, it is not due to bitterness of heart but out of passionate love for him. That is life-a continuous process of anger, love, emotional upset and ecstasy. This is called inspiring short stories with moral lessons. Special story for Happy Mother's Day.

         Mothers Love Quotes

  • "A mother is a lady who shows you the light when you simply observe the dim."
  • "We have a mystery in our way of life, and it isn't so much that birth is excruciating. It's that ladies are solid."
  • "A mother isn't an individual to incline toward, however an individual to make inclining superfluous." 
  • "On the off chance that you have a mother, there is no place you are probably going to go where a supplication has not as of now been."
  • "She (mother) pushed us to consistently invest more energy, to need the best out of our lives, and to consistently be solid – an exercise she had to learn herself when we were all still youthful."
  • "Many dewdrops to welcome the first light, several honey bees in the purple clover, many butterflies on the yard, yet just one mother the wide world over."