Qualities of Leadership - Motivational Stories

The chairman of an automobile company was confronted with the necessity of infusing enthusiasm into a discouraged and disorganized group of automobile salesman. Calling a sales meeting, he urged his men to tell him exactly what they expected from him. As they talked, he wrote their ideas on the blackboard. He then said, "I'll give you all these qualities you expect from me. Now I want you to tell me what I rightfully can expect from you?"

1. What was the response of the salesman?
2. What is the implication of this story?

***Check with your answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. The replies from the salesman came thick and fast: loyalty, honesty, initiative, optimism, team work, and eight hours a day of enthusiastic work. One man volunteered to work fourteen hours a day. The meeting ended with added strength and new-found inspiration and in course of time, the sales increased phenomenally.
2. The methodology used by the chairman was unique. Instead of commanding the salesmen to do this and that, he volunteered to fulfill their needs first and thereby elicited their cooperation to do what he wanted them to do. The story is about Leadership Styles. This story is putted into the column of inspirational short stories about life.

         Elicit Quotes

  • "There are sure individuals who elicit an extremely enthusiastic reaction. It's insane. That is my Alexander Wang hypothesis."
  • "Remaining wedded may have long haul benefits. You can elicit considerably more compassion from companions over an awful marriage than you ever can from a decent separation."
  • "In analyzing observers, I figured out how to pose general inquiries in order to elicit subtleties with ground-breaking tactile affiliations: the hues, the sounds, the scents that hold up a picture in the brain and put the audience in the consuming house."
  • "A writer composes a novel, and individuals read it. In any case, perusing is a single demonstration. While it might elicit a shifted and individual reaction, the collective idea of the crowd resembles having 500 individuals read your novel and react to it simultaneously. I locate that exciting."