Gambling - Real Life Inspirational Stories

A peon in a bank, noted for his honesty and sincerity, was entrusted with the task of counting the currency notes and bundling them. He wanted to amass wealth. It would have gone against his grain to be dishonest. So be began to purchase lottery tickets and waited for lady luck to smile on him. He visited temples and prayed for a bumper prize. But not even a consolation prize came his way. He blamed God for not listening to his prayer.

One morning, there was a surprise in store for him. Lying at his door was a sack full of 500 rupee notes. Overnight he had become a multi-millionaire.

When his delight at this sudden windfall subsided, he took a 500-rupee note, gave it to his wife and said. "Let's have a grand breakfast. No need to cook. Order something from the hotel." While she was away to arrange for the breakfast, he sat down and wrote his resignation letter to the bank.

His wife did not return even an hour later. When she finally returned, she reported that all the hotels in the town were closed. His son, who had gone to the bank with the resignation letter, came and reported that the bank manager had resigned his job and his son was asked to hand over the resignation letter to the Assistant Manager, who had not come to work.

1. What could be the reason that all the hotels were closed?
2. Why did the manager resign his post?
3. What is the implication of this story?

***Check with our answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. & 2 Everyone in that town-including the hotel owner, the hotel employees and the bank staff got one sack full of 500-rupee notes. They did not wish to work anymore.
3. In real life, everyone wants to have more pay and more facilities without a corresponding increase in the production of goods and services. The result is inflation. Money is nothing but an exchange instrument for goods and services. This kind of story is putted in Real life inspirational stories.