Strength to Love - True Motivational Stories

The Master asked his disciples, "How do you recognize when the night ends and the day begins?"

One disciple answered, "When I am able to distinguish between a cow and a horse."

Another answered, "When I can differentiate between a neem tree and a mango tree."

The Master said, "No." Then he proceeded with his answer.

1. What was the Master's answer?
2. What is the implication of this story?

***Check with our answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. "When you can recognize everyone as your brothers and sisters."
2. Darkness goes and light comes only when a person is able to show love and affection to people. This story is telling about inspirational moral stories for adults.


  • "Love annihilates dread like light dispels darkness. Sparkle your love on the world"
  • "Love dispels dread similarly as light dispels darkness. On the off chance that in any event, for a second you have been in love with somebody, dread vanishes and thinking stops. With dread reasoning proceeds. The more you apprehensive, the more you need to think."
  • "Try not to be disheartened by your insufficiency to dispel darkness from the world. Light your little flame and venture forward."
  • "Darkness can't drive out Darkness; no one but Light can do that, Hate can't drive out Hate; no one but Love can do that."
  • "A smidgen of light dispels a great deal of Darkness"
  • "May the Light dispel all Darkness edify your spirit, Illuminate your way and favor you in Every Ray, Every Way, Every Day."
  • "Light... Let it dispel Darkness from everybody's life. Let it again reestablish our confidence in Love, Kindness and Honesty. Let it reinstall our confidence in mankind.
  • "Unadulterated Love is incomparable in greatness; it has no equal in force and there is no darkness it can't dispel..."
  • "Out of empathy I wreck the Darkness of their numbness. From inside them I light the light of knowledge and dispel all Darkness from their lives."
Martin luther king jr also very famous for his famous quote: “Darkness cannot drive out Darkness; only Light can do that, Hate cannot drive out Hate; only Love can do that.”