Inspiring short stories on positive attitude

Once a pundit wrote a long poem in praise of the king. The king was much pleased and offered him precious gems and gold. As an additional honour, he ordered his men to take the Pundit to his village in a palanquin with pomp and show.

As the troupe was passing through a village with the sound of trumpets, a young cowherd curiously asked one of the palanquin bearers, "What are you carrying?"

The man replied "Punditji".

"Who is a Punditji?"

"A learned person."

"Who is a learned person?"

"A man who knows everything."

"Does he really know everything?"

In the meantime the whole procession had come to a halt. Punditji peeped out of the palanquin and irritably asked. "Why have you people stopped?"

One of the men said, "Punditji, here is a boy who is asking questions that we cannot answer."

The puffed up Pundit then came down from the palanquin and said, "Is that so? What question do you have?"

The boy bent down and drew disjointed zigzag lines on the ground with his stick. Then he looked up and asked," Can you tell what this is?"

The Pundit could not. It did not resemble an alphabet of any language he knew. It did not look like a snake or a rope because the lines were disjointed.

The boy started laughing and said, "What Punditjil Don't you know such a simple thing?" The Pundit had to concede defeat. He said to the boy, "All right, you tell the answer." The boy answered...

1. What was the boy's answer?
2. What is the implication of this story?

***Check with our answers only after you have tried to come up with your own.

1. "This is how my bullock passes urine"
2. No one can claim to possess total knowledge. The story is also a pointer to the modern trend of specialization. The boy knew only about cattle and the Pundit knew about what he had learnt in his lifetime. Acknowledging the inadequacy of our knowledge would motivate us to gain greater knowledge in our field of interest. This story is from one of the best inspirational stories.